Friday, 10 September 2021

West Williamston

Osprey on usual post - Rob Lewis came to see it, his pic below. It flew briefly, flushing a very large curlew roost from the opposite bank and relocating to a tree on the far bank. 

Arriving on the point of high tide, a roost of 9 little egrets on the opposite bank was eye-catching (with another roost of 3 just downstream), as was a Manx shearwater on the open water. This is the second time I've seen Manx here, see my blog post for September 3, 2019. It was being carried up the Carew River by the tide, flew a short distance back downstream, and as the tide was turning appeared to be drifting towards Lawrenny Quay. 

A canoeist passed, deliberately, within a few feet of the little egrets, heading upstream. Interestingly they sat tight until he was just past them before 6 of them flew. But he disturbed them.

Also, single ringed plover and black-tailed godwit, and 100+ swallows skimming the water.