Sunday, 9 January 2022

Broad Haven

A touch blustery and a heavy swell but thankfully the scoter flock was close in, so it was possible to have a good look through them. The 3 Velvets were towards the beach and slightly separate to the main flock, with 4 Eiders nearby (looked like 2 2cy males and females), interesting to watch them diving with wings flicking out. Otherwise 2 RT diver and 2 Chough. Many of the 200 scoter lifted off and headed out into the bay as the tide dropped around 2ish presumably to more distant shellfish beds. A single Purple sandpiper on Emmet Rock.

I intended to head up to Llys-y-fran but there seemed to be low cloud as I headed inland, so decided on a quick look at Marloes Mere instead. Great to see some management work going on here, quite a bit of scrub clearance and digger on site, hopefully some scrapes to follow. Good to be able to see more of the waterfowl, the very high water levels does help. The duck got up and I was waiting for a harrier to appear but it was a couple and their labradors who'd gone through the the gateway by the Oriole Hide perhaps a couple of signs might help. Bird wise a female Tuftie, pair Pintail, 10 Gadwall and group of 6 Jays. Last stop at the Gann, where I bumped into Derek so we spent the time catching up rather than birding, the Hooded crow was still around but the light went very quickly so no opportunity to check the gulls properly.